QX-5 Extra Coils


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QX-5 Extra Coils

There is nothing worst than your enjoyment interrupted by a damaged or lost coil.  Always keep a spare in your carrying case or pocket.

Buy them in packs and save money.

Available in packs of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7.  The most popular and economy one is the pack of 7.

These coils are for the Dab Wax Pen QX-5.  Click here to buy the pen.

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Save Money Buy Extra Coils

2 Extra Coils $7.50 ($3.75 Each), 3 Extra Coils $10.50 ($3.50 Each, 4 Extra Coils $13.60 ($3.40 Each), 5 Extra Coils $16.25 ($3.25 Each), 7 Extra Coils $21 ($3 Each) BEST DEAL


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