The New and Improved Evolve Plus Dual Quartz Magnetic Coil With Magnetic Caps


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The New and Improved Evolve Plus Dual Quartz Magnetic Coil
With Magnetic Caps

STOP, with unscrewing a hot, messy, sticky Evolve Plus coil, when you can have these Premium MAGNETIC coils that are literally a snap, to put on and take off.  And in today’s fast world, that’s what you need.  Quick, Clean & Premium Quality.
You spend a good amount of money on the goods.  Don’t let a messy, low quality coil ruin it.  Use this Premium Dual Quartz Coil and taste the difference.  Get the most out of your goods.
Matter of fact, we are so sure of these high quality coils, that WE GUARANTEE YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THEM OR YOUR MONEY BACK 30 DAYS!
Each coil comes with a magnetic cap.  Your choice of:
  • 4 Pack-Includes 4 Dual Quartz Coils and 4 Magnetic Caps
  • 6 Pack-Includes 6 Dual Quartz Coils & 6 Magnetic Caps
  • 8 Pack-Includes 8 Dual Quartz Coils & 8 Magnetic Caps
  • 10 Pack-Includes 10 Dual Quartz Coils & 10 Magnetic Caps-*The Most Popular and Best Value

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. No Questions Asked!

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason, you experience difficulties with your purchase or have any questions, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST via email.Many issues are result of missing a step or two of how to get your item to work and this could easily and very fast be resolved in matter of minutes, rather than sending it back and wait a week or two till you get another one or worst just to find out that there was nothing wrong with your item.

All our products come with 30 DAYS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply:

1.   Email us and let us know why you are not satisfied

2.   You will be issued a confirmation

3.   Send back your item and once your product has been received, upon inspection a full refund will be issued.

As simple as 1, 2, 3.

Thank You,

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Type of Coil

Pack of 4 Dual Quartz Coils $15.52, Pack of 6 Dual Quartz Coils $22.52, Pack of 8 Dual Quartz Coils $30.52, Pack of 10 Pack of 8 Dual Quartz Coils $37.80 (BEST VALUE)


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